20 of the most common weight traps

22 Sep

Read an article in a swedish newspaper about 20 of the most common weight traps, thought they made pretty good sence so here they are….

People don’t eat a varied breakfast or lunch

If you always eat the same thing for breakfast, the risk is that you associate healthy food with boring food. Make sure you vary your dishes with fresh fruit and your favorite vegetables.

You eat to many ready-made meals

Most ready-made meals contain too much sugar, salt & fat. Eating a ready-made meal once in a while is fine but needs to be supplemented with fresh vegetables.

Choosing juice over fruit

Fresh fruit contains more vitamins and less sugar than shop bought juice. Also eating for example an orange will make you feel fuller than drinking a glass of orange juice.

Not eating fish

Fish contains lots of beneficial nutrients, especially Omega 3s that prevent heart disease.

You avoid desserts

Do you often skip dessert get depressed and feel sugar deprived afterwards? Let yourself have something sweet now and again, instead of eating big amounts of sweets all in one go.

Eating to little fat

30 % of our daily calorie intake should be fat. fat in the right amounts and types is healthy.

Drinking a glass of wine/alcohol before dinner

Wine/alcohol reduces your blood sugar levels and makes you feel hungry even if you have eaten beforehand. (the amount of times you see and have been the one gobbling a kebab or fatty burger after a night out, I know I have).

Eating big portions

Often the portions in restaurants are way to big, ask the waiters to make you “half” a portion. ( we all know that wont really happen, well at least not in my case )

You drink your lunch

Many of us substitute lunch with a smoothie or energy drink, sometimes its better to go for food though, chewing aids digestion and increases your “full” feeling.

Eating dressings and sauces with food

In addition to what you are eating its also important to think about how your food is prepared and your accompaniments. Restaurant food is often made with a lot of oil and butter, sauces are often more fatty than we would like to believe. Order sauces and dressings on the side.

You think you can eat lots

Even if you are exercising allot it doesn’t necessarily mean you can eat allot more. You risk eating too much and burning to little so that your training does not end up with the results you initially expected.

Not drinking enough water

If you don’t drink enough water you get dehydrated “fact”. Also you can confuse thirst with being peckish.

Eating sugar-free 

Be vigilant when eating sugar-free products. Even if they do not contain any sugar, they might contain other chemicals that are not good for you.

Setting your goals to high

It’s not good to put up un-achievable goals, encourage yourself! Be happy for the weight you have lost, instead of the weight you didn’t loose.

You avoid butter BUT not oil

Both oil and butter contain over 100 calories per table-spoon. Olive oil is better for you than butter, but the important thing is not to eat to much of both.

Eating to quick

It takes 20 minutes to feel full when you are eating. By slowing down when you have a meal your body will have time to establish when its had enough.

Drinking pre-packaged juices

Be careful when drinking pre-packaged juices, most often they contain juice concentrates and are full of sugar. Choose the 100 percent fruit juices that haven’t been mixed with unnecessary stuff.

You have stopped snacking

Healthy snacking is good, it keeps you blood sugar levels even and keeps you satisfied longer. It also keeps you from over eating, healthy snacks are nuts, fruit, and vegetable sticks.

Sorbets instead of yogurt

Sorbets and yogurts contain the same amount of sugar, except yogurts contain calcium.

Not eating enough calories

Eating just 800 calories a day is to little, The body needs a minimum of 1300 calories a day to keep all the organs up and running. The body needs more to survive depending on a person’s height and gender. If you don’t eat enough nutrients every day, you run the risk of your body putting itself in starvation mode.

I thought the tips were good at least some of them

Enjoy xx

Swedish article



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