Easy 10 min Asparagus Soup

20 Sep



1 bunch of fresh asparagus

1 charlotte

1 clove of garlic

500 dl of chicken stock ( or water with chicken stock cube, you can also use a veggie stock cube)

Pinch of salt & pepper to taste


Swedish Wasa bread ( ryevita is a good substitute)

Dollop of low-fat creme fraiche

Fish roe

Small shrimp

Pinch of dill

First of all clean and chop the asparagus, charlotte and garlic. Put together with chicken stock and bring to a boil.

When the asparagus is soft enough take off the stove and blend the mix until smooth. Voila within 15- 20 min you have got yourself a soup ready!

For the topping I found what i had lying around the house, but you can use anything. For example you could toast some bread and top it with pesto, cheese, slices of vegetables like tomato, peppers etc.

The beauty of these kinds of soups is that you can make it with different types of vegetables like broccoli, pumpkin, cauliflower the difference would be the cooking times, but the benefits the same, simple, tasty, and very healthy!

Enjoy xx





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